Friday, November 4, 2011

Apple Crisp Days

A few weeks ago I brought apple crisp into the office on a Friday. I had apples to use up (they were getting to that mealy texture that's fine for baking, but not so pleasant for eating), and it was a chilly day. I peeled and pre-baked the crisp the night before - until it just started to brown - then let it cool and stuck it in the fridge. The next morning before work I reheated & finished browning the crisp in the oven so that it was nice an hot when I brought it into the office. I like my crisp (and pie) more on the spicy side than the sweet side, so I tend to use only a tablespoon or two of sweetner in a whole pan of crisp/pie, with a tablespoon or two of spices. This makes the crisp/pie almost savory. I do use a pre-mixed apple pie spice blend, but I also add more cinnamon and some ginger (for "kick"). There's really no measuring that goes into it - I go by taste. Anyway, this particular batch was a definite hit. The general manager in my office (the head honcho) stopped by my desk and said that he thought every Friday should be apple crisp day. I told him that I liked that idea, but it wasn't likely to happen every Friday. Apple crisp is fairly easy to make, but it is time consuming to peel the apples, and to go to the effort to bring it in warm (which makes all the difference). I brought in a larger pan this week - 13x9 instead of my pie plate - and it was gone before 10am. Phew! So, for those of you willing/wanting to try it out, here's a rough version of the recipe - there are no measurements for spices as, like I said, I go by taste:

- 5-8 apples, peeled & cut into slices (depending on size of pan & apples)
- 1-3 tblsp brown sugar or dark agave nectar (I often mix these)
- apple pie spice, cinnamon, and ground ginger to taste
- dash of vanilla
- drizzle of maple syrup or hickory syrup

- 1/2-1 stick butter, softened (depending on size of pan - use 1/2 for pie plate, full for 13x9)
- quick cook oats (usually 1-2 cups)
- 2 tsps brown sugar/agave nectar
- more cinnamon or apple pie spice (1-2 tsps)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Peel and slice apples; place in large bowl. Mix apples, sweetner, & spices well. Taste & add more sweetner/spices to taste. Pour apples into pan.

Mix together butter, oats, sweetner, and spices - I generally squish it with fingers as it mixes easier. Add more oats as necessary to get to crumbly texture. Be sure to mix well to avoid pockets of butter. Sprinkle topping over apples & bake for 30-45 minutes - until bubbling. If planning to finish the next day, bake for about 30 minutes, and then about 20 minutes the next morning.

Makes a great dessert or breakfast (or both)!

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