Monday, September 12, 2011

Now from Richmond!

I recently moved to the capital of the Old Dominion, and have already established myself as a baker amongst my new co-workers (and no one seems to mind). A batch of banana bread with choco-chips and toasted walnuts was a real hit, as was my classic dark choco brownies with cinnamon & white choco chips. Personally, I thought my first attempt at brownies in the new oven was a disaster (they ended up overbaked - new oven runs a bit hotter than old one did), but work people seemed to like them. Just going to have to keep working with the new oven to get down the timing on the brownies. Don't think my new co-workers will have any objection to being my test subjects!

Any suggestions for recipes to try out with the new crowd, dear readers?

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  1. I would love some espresso brownies right about now!